Natural Hair Journey


This caption may actually be a little misleading seeing as I’ve been natural for about eight years now, but I have been in college for almost 4 years and haven’t really learned how to style and manipulate my natural hair. I had gotten so used to protective styles like braids and weaves that I couldn’t handle my real hair for more than a couple of weeks at a time, and that was pushing it. Not to mention wearing back to back closures made my edges thin from the tension on them. Enough was enough, so I have taken this past month and a half to explore natural styles and daily hair upkeep. Here’s a few highlights to show you all how it’s been going.

Please excuse the crazy eye, lol I took this screenshot from a video. But here’s my actual curl pattern after I washed and conditioned my hair with Creme of Nature products, applied Moroccan Argon oil and Eco Styler gel to small sections and detangled it with a paddle brush. Lastly I used a blow dryer to blow through it and absorb some of the access water.

unnamedunnamed (1).jpg


Wash N’ Go on Dry Hair

unnamed (3).jpg

This time I wanted the wash n’ go look without having to fully wash my hair, so I actually call this a Wet N’ go. I used a spray bottle to dampen each section, then I applied Shea Moisture’s Coconut Leave-In Treatment and Eco Styler gel to it. I detangled with a paddle brush and separated each strand to make sure the products were distributed evenly. I ran a blow dryer through it to get rid of some access water but not for too long so it wouldn’t dry and shrink. I prefer an air dry to keep as much length as possible. This is the best wash n’ go I have done yet and here are some pictures of the second day.




Day 2unnamed (4)unnamed (3)

That’s it for now, stay tuned for more styles like twist outs and braid outs as i continue on this natural hair adventure!



You ever have one of those days where nothing seems to go right? You fail an exam, stain your favorite sweater, crack your phone, get a pimple or whatever other inconvenience that could happen just happens. I’m writing this fresh from taking two Finals back to back. It’s time for some serious me time! I studied all week, stayed up late, sacrificed and still didn’t make the grade I wanted or deserved, because professors like to play games with your grades smh. But you know what, my mother sent me an inspirational quote and I’m gonna share it with you all since we’re friends.

You may encounter defeats, but you must not be defeated.In fact,it may be necessary to encounter the defeats,so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it

   -Maya Angelou.

3 Essentials of Tackling Frequent Rejection 

1. Find out if the rejection is legitimate
Don’t be afraid to ask questions and seek feedback
2. Never ignore rejection but, don’t spend too much time dwelling on it
It is important to tackle rejection head on and comforting because it makes the healing and acceptance process that much better
3. Turn the negative response to a positive learning experience
Look for ways to learn something you didn’t know about yourself and improve upon that aspect of yourself

So I went with no phone or debit card for 4 days and here’s what happened.

As a millennial I feel this deep need to have my iPhone with me at all times, it’s like an extension of me, an appendage if you will. And when I found myself without it I felt like losing a limb. I kept reaching out for it after every move and referring to it for any random piece of information I wanted and laughed at myself every time I remembered that it was inoperable. The few days before my phone decided it was over me my debit card had gotten lost as well. I remember buying food with it then going to buy something else several hours later and it wasn’t there! So this is what happened with my cell. I dropped my phone for the millionth time but it was already cracked so I couldn’t see anything wrong with it visually, then a day later I hit the home button only to see a rainbow colored collage as my phone screen smh.


I was surprised but not completely upset because I was going to be home in a couple days and didn’t have much to do besides pack for thanksgiving break and turn in one assignment, then I would be home and I could get it fixed. Let me tell you it was a LONG couple of days. Luckily I had an Ipad that I hadn’t been using but came in handy during that time, however I soon realized that I couldn’t really do anything with out a phone.

  1. First of all 2-Step Verification became the bane of my existence. When I tried to get into my ICloud account to sync my Ipad with my Email and Password, I still couldn’t get into it. They required me to use a code they sent to my cell phone and imagine my frustration when I couldn’t see but could here my phone buzz with messages every time I tried to get into the account.
  2. This meant no Imessage, Facetime, or calling. I ended up using Gmail or Snapchat whenever I needed to communicate. Thank God for Snapchat or else I would have been a total recluse.
  3. No Instagram, when I tried to retrieve my password, of course  I couldn’t remember it, It sent a link to my yahoo address because that’s what I used when I made it in the 9th grade. I got to my yahoo and AGAIN, 2-step Verification! No code, no IG, how will I see all the thanksgiving clap backs!
  4. No Uber!- With losing my debit card I ended up cancelling it and ordering another one but I didn’t fully think through all the implications that came with Ubering anywhere ugh. So I took the bus too and from school and that was it!
  5. No Ubereats- This is when I started to feel the struggle a bit, with no food in my house besides oatmeal, dining dollars( the meal plan I had for school had ran out), debit card which meant no ordering food from anywhere, I did what any struggling College student would do…..steal from the Caf LOL. Fortunately the cafeteria workers looked out and let me in so I took sandwiches home for dinner on the low. I think this was my rockbottom lmaooo.
  6. NO MUSIC- If you’ve been following my blog at all you know how much I love music, and sadly I only had a few songs saved on my ipad, so I was forced to listen to those same few anytime I was traveling out of wifi range.

All in all it was an odd change for me, but hey It was kind of nice to not be glued to my phone every time it buzzed with a text, groupme or social media message, which will basically have you on it all day.



friendsgivingYesterday I had my first friendsgiving and it was so fun! I got full like it was really thanksgiving day. I’m not the type that likes to cook for large groups of people on my own, so I never thought I would actually have a friendsgiving but I have a great friend who happens to be a foodie. Here are the components that made it a great Friendsgiving!

Food- This is probably the most important part of it. Our menu had Yams, mashed potatoes, Green Beans, Roast, vegan meatballs ( I don’t eat meat),Rolls, Apple pie and Ice Cream. It was delicious and I was stuffed!

Wine- Having a little drink while you’re waiting on food always helps the time pass. Our drink of choice was Sutter home, but I prefer a sparkling wine myself.

Games/Fun- After we ate we played video games like Mario Cart and Crash Bandacoot, I felt like a kid again. lol It was a refreshing change from just watching tv or talking and it allowed everyone to interact. You can also play taboo or a card game.

Friends- You can’t have a Friendsgiving without friends! Our group was six people but if you want to have a large group make sure everyone will mesh and get along. Happy Friendsgiving!


Is Pretty an Accomplishment?

tumblr_ohs1t0uOR71tnaufeo1_540THE LOOK

We are such visual creatures. In this digital world we live especially since Instagram blew up we put so much emphasis on physical appearance. SO much so you can make a complete career out of how you portray yourself on social media; not saying this is a new concept because models have been around forever, but it seems like being a vixen has become somewhat of a goal for women. Specifically African American women who are exhaulted on social media for having a certain body type equipped with a flat tummy and striking curves. Don’t get me wrong I believe women should celebrate their beauty and bodies and take pride in their appearance, but should that be the whole package? My qualm with that is the images we see of the ideal beauty standard are in many cases unrealistic and achieved through manipulation whether it be surgery, filters, photoshop etc. and can chip away at one’s self esteem whether you realize it or not by putting these subliminal comparisons in your mind.


Alot of these reality stars are basing their whole careers off of Instagram and hoping to be seen on more shows but where’s the substance?. And it could all be gone in an instant if something happens and people don’t see you as being so beautiful anymore. Then again I guess riding the fame wave can be very lucrative for a time, and as long as you invest in a business or something else concrete you can build something substantial. But what makes you different from every other pretty girl on Social Media? The stripper, bartender, IG vixen seems to have such a strong presence on social media and it can be entertaining, I like reality tv as much as anyone else but I am also not a young, impressionable girl. Is there enough balance?



I have to catch myself feeding into the façade of likes and followers and letting that affect my view of myself. I think alot of people can relate that It gives you a rush to know that these people are liking your image and commenting, but it also gives this fleeting feeling once it goes away and you realize these opinions are like air. Sometimes I read people’s comments just for laughs sometimes because the way girls gas each other is so hilarious and dramatic.

Should we be aspiring to do this? Are we putting too much emphasis on pretty? Are we praising the wrong things? Can we make smart, sexy again?….QTNA

To Chill or Not to Chill…Thoughts on Millennial Dating


Recently I’ve noticed many of my friends and even myself have these conversations about what “we’re too grown for”. And Netflix and chill is certainly one of those things lol. Many young women my age are being propositioned by men, or maybe boys I should say, to come “chill” and basically come to their place or vice versa for a movie or to smoke and the response they’re getting is a Hell No, we’re not teens anymore take me on a date! Then again some women aren’t looking for anything serious and can appreciate chilling with a guy they could potentially like after dealing with harsh realities of adulting and responsibilities. Sometimes it’s not that serious. It’s kind of a confusing crossroads to be at on both sides. Are we devaluing ourselves and time by just allowing someone in your space without so much as a coffee date? Is Netflix and chill staying for good? What are your thoughts on this , feedback is appreciated, like and comment away…

Halloween at the Mecca

The older you get the less likely you are to risk making a fool of yourself. lol! But every once in a while it’s good to let that inner child out and Halloween is the perfect time to do it, at least for me it is. Although I couldn’t do anything fun because I had to study for an exam, ugh let’s not talk about that, I still managed to get my Halloween in during the day. I wondered if I would be the only one and stand out like a sore thumb, which I did, but I wouldn’t be me If I didn’t go for it. Here’s a glimpse of what Halloween at the Mecca (Howard University) looked like for me and a few others who weren’t afraid to show their Halloween spirit on campus.




Halloween Costumes that exude major Girl Power!

Take a wild guess at who I’m being for  Halloween…hint: She’s on this list and by the time I finish introducing her the Trick or Treaters will have all been tucked in their beds. lol  Watch out for the Dragon Fire!


Daenerys Targaryen, She’s the mother of Dragons. Need I say more?
Storm, An electrifying vixen played by Halle Barry! Issa No Brainer.
Raven was always my favorite character from Teen Titans, her quiet demeaner was just a ruse for her intense power.
I know everyone has been her atleast once for Holloween. People will know who you are instantly from her signature turban look
numba 5
This throw back character , Numbah Five, will give you all the childhood nostalgia you crave. Kids Next Door was a Revolution!
If you got the “Poetic Justice” braids just throw on a hat and keep it moving.
Foxy! She will forever be the IT girl, soul sister, kickin’ ass and taking names.
Shego is a Vibe! Feirce and sultry although Kim Possible foiled her everytime, I blame Drakken, ugh boys ruin everything.
wild thorneberries
Hey girl hey! Debbie was the too cool for school teenager on the Wild Thornberrys. Her look shouldn’t be too hard to acheive, she’s pretty much in a kick-back fit. The 90’s will never die.

Howard Homecoming 2k17

I’m writing this fresh from a boozy brunch, but we’ll talk more about that later. So here’s a brief howard homecoming run down. There was SO much to do but this is my experience/review.

Thursday night- Fashion Show.

So I have been to this event all four years at Howard University and they have yet to disappoint. This isn’t some regular show that your friend puts together, it has always been a production equipped with gorgeous African American models, dope esthetics and a live performance. This is that was Shy Glizzy, the D.C. native you hear rapping on the hit single “Crew,” or you may also know him from the smash hit “Awesome.”

Friday -Yardfest

Or you may have heard it recently being called the “Black Coachella,” step aside Made in America. This is a free concert on the Yard that is an open forum to reconnect with old and new peers, enjoys performances by A-list starts. This years line up was Rick Ross, Tory Lanes, Doug E. Fresh, Kid Kapri, and more. You can watch the show or eat from one of the delicious vendors that are out there, but don’t forget to make your rounds to the booths where they sell howard and other afrocentric apparel as well as other products and you may even get some for the free!

Step Show-

I don’t have to say much but the Greek Step show is always a high light. Knowing that several of the divine Nine fraternites and Sororitites began on Howard’s campus they Step show is everything you would imagine it to be and more. This year’s host was Terrence J and I heard he didn’t disappoint.


I have not been to the homecoming football game since freshmen year because the tailgate is where the party’s at. Located in the lot next to Mcdonalds, This is basically yardfest without the performances, but the music is always on point. Get lit and enjoy the atmosphere, visit different tents because you never know who might be generous, if you know what I mean.


There’s so much to do in the night time, all you really need is your squad and a few dollars in your pocket. If you’re into clubs there’s The Park at 14th, and Rose Bar. These are the more upscale spots to go out at, but you might have to spend more. Admission ranges fro $20-$40 but you’ll probably spot a celebrity like Lala, who was Rose Bar’s special guest this weekend. There are always Mansion parties and house parties galore. Try to get in a student groupme if you aren’t already in one and get tickets early unless you’re free like me and like to wait till last minute to see what the move is.

Sunday Brunch

-The Gryphon- This is where I went for a birthday/homecoming brunch and it was a great time. This spot in Dupont has everything you could want in a boozy Brunch. The buffet is $35 but with that you get waffles, salmon, eggs, tater tots, wings, salad and more. The bottomless mimosas are $25 so yeah, you’re spending a pretty penny, but it’s well worth it! Think of this as more of a day party than you’re average classy brunch. lol

This year was the best homecoming I’ve had yet from the friends to the atmosphere and I did not have to break the bank completely.  Cheers to HUHC, hope to see ya’ll on the yard next year!