Natural Hair Journey


This caption may actually be a little misleading seeing as I’ve been natural for about eight years now, but I have been in college for almost 4 years and haven’t really learned how to style and manipulate my natural hair. I had gotten so used to protective styles like braids and weaves that I couldn’t handle my real hair for more than a couple of weeks at a time, and that was pushing it. Not to mention wearing back to back closures made my edges thin from the tension on them. Enough was enough, so I have taken this past month and a half to explore natural styles and daily hair upkeep. Here’s a few highlights to show you all how it’s been going.

Please excuse the crazy eye, lol I took this screenshot from a video. But here’s my actual curl pattern after I washed and conditioned my hair with Creme of Nature products, applied Moroccan Argon oil and Eco Styler gel to small sections and detangled it with a paddle brush. Lastly I used a blow dryer to blow through it and absorb some of the access water.

unnamedunnamed (1).jpg


Wash N’ Go on Dry Hair

unnamed (3).jpg

This time I wanted the wash n’ go look without having to fully wash my hair, so I actually call this a Wet N’ go. I used a spray bottle to dampen each section, then I applied Shea Moisture’s Coconut Leave-In Treatment and Eco Styler gel to it. I detangled with a paddle brush and separated each strand to make sure the products were distributed evenly. I ran a blow dryer through it to get rid of some access water but not for too long so it wouldn’t dry and shrink. I prefer an air dry to keep as much length as possible. This is the best wash n’ go I have done yet and here are some pictures of the second day.




Day 2unnamed (4)unnamed (3)

That’s it for now, stay tuned for more styles like twist outs and braid outs as i continue on this natural hair adventure!


Chic Wish List Discounts!

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Chic Wish List

Winter Wishlist

Since it is the Holiday Season I thought I’d share some Lewks/brands that are on my wish list that I got from a few of my Fav Social Media Influencers. If you’re into sporty chic follow @Callmemshunter, the owner of L.A. based boutique, Her Favorite L.A. Teyana Taylor can do no wrong and she’s always posting adorable pics with her hubby and baby Junie. Off White is a brand I’ve spotted several celebrities wearing and Brother Vellies is a gorgeous shoe brand that creates hand made shoes by women all over Africa, follow @AuroraJames the owner for Bohemian Inspo.


  1. Ensemble- Her Favorite L.A.
  2. Teyana’s puffer coat- Banni Peru
  3. Teyana’s boots- DSQUARED2
  4. “For Walking” Boots- Off White
  5. Blush Boots- Brother Vellies
  6. Sneakers- Fila

Halloween at the Mecca

The older you get the less likely you are to risk making a fool of yourself. lol! But every once in a while it’s good to let that inner child out and Halloween is the perfect time to do it, at least for me it is. Although I couldn’t do anything fun because I had to study for an exam, ugh let’s not talk about that, I still managed to get my Halloween in during the day. I wondered if I would be the only one and stand out like a sore thumb, which I did, but I wouldn’t be me If I didn’t go for it. Here’s a glimpse of what Halloween at the Mecca (Howard University) looked like for me and a few others who weren’t afraid to show their Halloween spirit on campus.




Halloween Costumes that exude major Girl Power!

Take a wild guess at who I’m being for  Halloween…hint: She’s on this list and by the time I finish introducing her the Trick or Treaters will have all been tucked in their beds. lol  Watch out for the Dragon Fire!


Daenerys Targaryen, She’s the mother of Dragons. Need I say more?
Storm, An electrifying vixen played by Halle Barry! Issa No Brainer.
Raven was always my favorite character from Teen Titans, her quiet demeaner was just a ruse for her intense power.
I know everyone has been her atleast once for Holloween. People will know who you are instantly from her signature turban look
numba 5
This throw back character , Numbah Five, will give you all the childhood nostalgia you crave. Kids Next Door was a Revolution!
If you got the “Poetic Justice” braids just throw on a hat and keep it moving.
Foxy! She will forever be the IT girl, soul sister, kickin’ ass and taking names.
Shego is a Vibe! Feirce and sultry although Kim Possible foiled her everytime, I blame Drakken, ugh boys ruin everything.
wild thorneberries
Hey girl hey! Debbie was the too cool for school teenager on the Wild Thornberrys. Her look shouldn’t be too hard to acheive, she’s pretty much in a kick-back fit. The 90’s will never die.

Halloween Mermaid Make-up

Halloween is just around the corner and if you’re anything like me you have  to get your  costume/makeup ready because you’re going ALL OUT! Here’s a little inspiration, you might want to try it out. A friend did this Mermaid fantasy look on me, you should check out her Instagram page  @midastouchmakeup or @Mooselovesyou for more looks and inspo! You can see this look on my Instagram page _yannii23 as well.



Maybelline Fit Me foundation in Golden caramel and cappuccino
LA girl pro concealer in Fawn
BH cosmetics pro contour palette
Sugarpill cosmetics pressed powder in Kimchi for blue contour
Colourpop highlighter in Perilune

Sugarpill cosmetics pressed powder in Kimchi
Suva Beauty pressed powder in Blue Lagoon
Suva Beauty pressed powder in Funny Face
Juvia’s Place Saharan palette eyeshadow color Iman
NYX Vivid Brights in Vivid Envy
Milani Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Liner in Black
Ardell lashes in Demi Wispies


NYX lip liner in Espresso
BH Cosmetics Nude Lips palette


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9 Styles for Naturalistas

So I have been natural since the 7th grade. I didn’t do the big chop like most girls. I decided to use protective styles like braids and twists until my hair grew out. It was a long process and I went through so many hair phases. I definitely like to switch it up every time I change my hair but sometimes I find myself having a lack of inspiration and I’m sure my natural girls will agree. So here are some options that have worked for me that you can try as well! Warning: you are about to witness a barrage of selfies.

Crochet Braids


Similar to weave, however, This style is done with a crochet needle that crochets an already curled piece of hair into the braid. I suggest getting Marley hair and wrapping individual pieces on rollers then dipping them in hot water so they are already curled, this avoids the hop water dipping after the hair is crochet in.

Corn rows

This style has beIMG_6153en very popular this year and girls are getting very intricate with the patterns. I kept it fairly simple here and added some gold shells for interest.

unnamed.jpgFeed In Braids

feed in.jpg

Fast Simple, and very inexpensive. Just make sure you tie it down tight with a scarf at night. You can choose to flat iron your natural hair, I did because I wanted it to lay flat, however there are several textures to choose from when matching your natural hair.

Sew-in with Closure


This was very convenient for me because I did not have to worry about putting heat on my natural hair or trying to blend it with the weave hair. I used a lace closure.I got it redone after a month because my hair began to grow out and make it lift. I would not recommend keeping it for over 6 weeks depending on your hair growth. Wet it in the morning and brush it down while blow-drying to flatten it.

Sew-In With leave Out

leave out





The other weave option allows some hair to breath while keeping the rest under tracks.









Box Braidsbraids

This is a classic style, you can go the Poetic Justice route and get them larger or small. Some like to do square patterns and zigzags and colors. Have fun with it.





2 strand twiststwists

This is done while the hair is wet, 2 strand twist small sections and then use rollers and sit under a dryer for a short, curly look.

Faux Locks



This is a relatively new craze. It is done by wrapping kanekalon hair around  a box braid that is only  partially done. Try Goddess locks for a soft romantic look.






This is always the go to default hair style your mom/dad put on you when you were little. Try Crème of Nature curl pudding or Ms. Jessie’s curly meringue to soften and stretch the hair. If you want a slick look use Eco Styler or Conditioning gel and wrap it till it dries. You’ll have the sleekest puff around.