friendsgivingYesterday I had my first friendsgiving and it was so fun! I got full like it was really thanksgiving day. I’m not the type that likes to cook for large groups of people on my own, so I never thought I would actually have a friendsgiving but I have a great friend who happens to be a foodie. Here are the components that made it a great Friendsgiving!

Food- This is probably the most important part of it. Our menu had Yams, mashed potatoes, Green Beans, Roast, vegan meatballs ( I don’t eat meat),Rolls, Apple pie and Ice Cream. It was delicious and I was stuffed!

Wine- Having a little drink while you’re waiting on food always helps the time pass. Our drink of choice was Sutter home, but I prefer a sparkling wine myself.

Games/Fun- After we ate we played video games like Mario Cart and Crash Bandacoot, I felt like a kid again. lol It was a refreshing change from just watching tv or talking and it allowed everyone to interact. You can also play taboo or a card game.

Friends- You can’t have a Friendsgiving without friends! Our group was six people but if you want to have a large group make sure everyone will mesh and get along. Happy Friendsgiving!


Is Pretty an Accomplishment?

tumblr_ohs1t0uOR71tnaufeo1_540THE LOOK

We are such visual creatures. In this digital world we live especially since Instagram blew up we put so much emphasis on physical appearance. SO much so you can make a complete career out of how you portray yourself on social media; not saying this is a new concept because models have been around forever, but it seems like being a vixen has become somewhat of a goal for women. Specifically African American women who are exhaulted on social media for having a certain body type equipped with a flat tummy and striking curves. Don’t get me wrong I believe women should celebrate their beauty and bodies and take pride in their appearance, but should that be the whole package? My qualm with that is the images we see of the ideal beauty standard are in many cases unrealistic and achieved through manipulation whether it be surgery, filters, photoshop etc. and can chip away at one’s self esteem whether you realize it or not by putting these subliminal comparisons in your mind.


Alot of these reality stars are basing their whole careers off of Instagram and hoping to be seen on more shows but where’s the substance?. And it could all be gone in an instant if something happens and people don’t see you as being so beautiful anymore. Then again I guess riding the fame wave can be very lucrative for a time, and as long as you invest in a business or something else concrete you can build something substantial. But what makes you different from every other pretty girl on Social Media? The stripper, bartender, IG vixen seems to have such a strong presence on social media and it can be entertaining, I like reality tv as much as anyone else but I am also not a young, impressionable girl. Is there enough balance?



I have to catch myself feeding into the façade of likes and followers and letting that affect my view of myself. I think alot of people can relate that It gives you a rush to know that these people are liking your image and commenting, but it also gives this fleeting feeling once it goes away and you realize these opinions are like air. Sometimes I read people’s comments just for laughs sometimes because the way girls gas each other is so hilarious and dramatic.

Should we be aspiring to do this? Are we putting too much emphasis on pretty? Are we praising the wrong things? Can we make smart, sexy again?….QTNA

Fall R&B Playlist

Everything! I’ve yet to hear a song from her that I don’t like. She definitely fits into the new R&B kids but she has a distinct voice and sound quality that adds layers to her music and she comes off as a seasoned artist, I read something about her and she was a child music prodigy but I stopped because I didn’t want to completely ruin the façade. You’ve probably heard her cover of Drake’s “The Jungle” but check out the rest of her catalog. Disclaimer: She will have you in your feelings.
Bryson Tiller- Trap Soul, enough said lol but I actually like some songs off of his last album, True to Self. Some have mixed feelings about it but here’s what I like.
1. -No Longer Friends
2. -Don’t get too high
3. -We Both Know
4. -You Got It
5. In Check
6. -Money Problems/Benz Truck
Jorja Smith
-Where did I go
-Beautiful Little Fools
-Teenage Fantasy

6nTww8shBrent Faiyaz- He sang the hook on Crew, his voice is like velvet. Check out his project Sonder Son.
kelela-warp-albumKelela- Cut for me (Deluxe)
I started listening to her recently and this album was a great introduction. It’s R&B with some fusion and electronic sound, I like it a lot.

Gold Link- The whole “At what Cost” album not just “Crew”!6734597272f1bb15d1df2954e5391353.1000x1000x1.jpg
Sampha- Process album and Can’t get Close, Too Much, Without.
maxresdefaultLion Babe- Rockets, Treat me like Fire.
Keke Wyatt feat. Avant (Arguably one of the best R&B duos)-“Nothing in this World”
Jazmine Sullivan feat. Bryson Tiller-Insecure
Erykah Badu- Time’s a Wastin



To Chill or Not to Chill…Thoughts on Millennial Dating


Recently I’ve noticed many of my friends and even myself have these conversations about what “we’re too grown for”. And Netflix and chill is certainly one of those things lol. Many young women my age are being propositioned by men, or maybe boys I should say, to come “chill” and basically come to their place or vice versa for a movie or to smoke and the response they’re getting is a Hell No, we’re not teens anymore take me on a date! Then again some women aren’t looking for anything serious and can appreciate chilling with a guy they could potentially like after dealing with harsh realities of adulting and responsibilities. Sometimes it’s not that serious. It’s kind of a confusing crossroads to be at on both sides. Are we devaluing ourselves and time by just allowing someone in your space without so much as a coffee date? Is Netflix and chill staying for good? What are your thoughts on this , feedback is appreciated, like and comment away…

Halloween at the Mecca

The older you get the less likely you are to risk making a fool of yourself. lol! But every once in a while it’s good to let that inner child out and Halloween is the perfect time to do it, at least for me it is. Although I couldn’t do anything fun because I had to study for an exam, ugh let’s not talk about that, I still managed to get my Halloween in during the day. I wondered if I would be the only one and stand out like a sore thumb, which I did, but I wouldn’t be me If I didn’t go for it. Here’s a glimpse of what Halloween at the Mecca (Howard University) looked like for me and a few others who weren’t afraid to show their Halloween spirit on campus.




Halloween Costumes that exude major Girl Power!

Take a wild guess at who I’m being for  Halloween…hint: She’s on this list and by the time I finish introducing her the Trick or Treaters will have all been tucked in their beds. lol  Watch out for the Dragon Fire!


Daenerys Targaryen, She’s the mother of Dragons. Need I say more?
Storm, An electrifying vixen played by Halle Barry! Issa No Brainer.
Raven was always my favorite character from Teen Titans, her quiet demeaner was just a ruse for her intense power.
I know everyone has been her atleast once for Holloween. People will know who you are instantly from her signature turban look
numba 5
This throw back character , Numbah Five, will give you all the childhood nostalgia you crave. Kids Next Door was a Revolution!
If you got the “Poetic Justice” braids just throw on a hat and keep it moving.
Foxy! She will forever be the IT girl, soul sister, kickin’ ass and taking names.
Shego is a Vibe! Feirce and sultry although Kim Possible foiled her everytime, I blame Drakken, ugh boys ruin everything.
wild thorneberries
Hey girl hey! Debbie was the too cool for school teenager on the Wild Thornberrys. Her look shouldn’t be too hard to acheive, she’s pretty much in a kick-back fit. The 90’s will never die.

Halloween Mermaid Make-up

Halloween is just around the corner and if you’re anything like me you have  to get your  costume/makeup ready because you’re going ALL OUT! Here’s a little inspiration, you might want to try it out. A friend did this Mermaid fantasy look on me, you should check out her Instagram page  @midastouchmakeup or @Mooselovesyou for more looks and inspo! You can see this look on my Instagram page _yannii23 as well.



Maybelline Fit Me foundation in Golden caramel and cappuccino
LA girl pro concealer in Fawn
BH cosmetics pro contour palette
Sugarpill cosmetics pressed powder in Kimchi for blue contour
Colourpop highlighter in Perilune

Sugarpill cosmetics pressed powder in Kimchi
Suva Beauty pressed powder in Blue Lagoon
Suva Beauty pressed powder in Funny Face
Juvia’s Place Saharan palette eyeshadow color Iman
NYX Vivid Brights in Vivid Envy
Milani Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Liner in Black
Ardell lashes in Demi Wispies


NYX lip liner in Espresso
BH Cosmetics Nude Lips palette


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Howard Homecoming 2k17

I’m writing this fresh from a boozy brunch, but we’ll talk more about that later. So here’s a brief howard homecoming run down. There was SO much to do but this is my experience/review.

Thursday night- Fashion Show.

So I have been to this event all four years at Howard University and they have yet to disappoint. This isn’t some regular show that your friend puts together, it has always been a production equipped with gorgeous African American models, dope esthetics and a live performance. This is that was Shy Glizzy, the D.C. native you hear rapping on the hit single “Crew,” or you may also know him from the smash hit “Awesome.”

Friday -Yardfest

Or you may have heard it recently being called the “Black Coachella,” step aside Made in America. This is a free concert on the Yard that is an open forum to reconnect with old and new peers, enjoys performances by A-list starts. This years line up was Rick Ross, Tory Lanes, Doug E. Fresh, Kid Kapri, and more. You can watch the show or eat from one of the delicious vendors that are out there, but don’t forget to make your rounds to the booths where they sell howard and other afrocentric apparel as well as other products and you may even get some for the free!

Step Show-

I don’t have to say much but the Greek Step show is always a high light. Knowing that several of the divine Nine fraternites and Sororitites began on Howard’s campus they Step show is everything you would imagine it to be and more. This year’s host was Terrence J and I heard he didn’t disappoint.


I have not been to the homecoming football game since freshmen year because the tailgate is where the party’s at. Located in the lot next to Mcdonalds, This is basically yardfest without the performances, but the music is always on point. Get lit and enjoy the atmosphere, visit different tents because you never know who might be generous, if you know what I mean.


There’s so much to do in the night time, all you really need is your squad and a few dollars in your pocket. If you’re into clubs there’s The Park at 14th, and Rose Bar. These are the more upscale spots to go out at, but you might have to spend more. Admission ranges fro $20-$40 but you’ll probably spot a celebrity like Lala, who was Rose Bar’s special guest this weekend. There are always Mansion parties and house parties galore. Try to get in a student groupme if you aren’t already in one and get tickets early unless you’re free like me and like to wait till last minute to see what the move is.

Sunday Brunch

-The Gryphon- This is where I went for a birthday/homecoming brunch and it was a great time. This spot in Dupont has everything you could want in a boozy Brunch. The buffet is $35 but with that you get waffles, salmon, eggs, tater tots, wings, salad and more. The bottomless mimosas are $25 so yeah, you’re spending a pretty penny, but it’s well worth it! Think of this as more of a day party than you’re average classy brunch. lol

This year was the best homecoming I’ve had yet from the friends to the atmosphere and I did not have to break the bank completely.  Cheers to HUHC, hope to see ya’ll on the yard next year!




The Urgency of Now

Recently I’ve been feeling very bogged down with trivial issues, My usual don’t sweat the small stuff attitude has been hindered by the urgency of NOW. Everything needs to be figured out and when I think it’s figured out something goes left and throws a wrench in my plans. I lay awake last night with stress, anxiety and excitement all mounting in me and I felt myself being pulled in every direction left from center. I believe part of it is my connection to technology. If I am not near my phone I find myself reaching for it every time I stretch my fingertips reach toward it and I have to stop myself. Even when it is turned off the quiet doesn’t allow me to rest and my mind swells with the noise of what could be and what I’m missing. I am not able to quiet this noise and it’s pulling me away from myself and my true consciousness. Then I think about the bigger picture and more important things people are dealing with like losing parents and other struggles of everyday life. If I focus on that then things don’t seem so bad.  Meditation can help you quiet the noise and it’s something I want to try but it doesn’t come easy. My challenge is being too apathetic or passive. Ignoring issues doesn’t solve them but sometimes one has to listen to themselves and sift through what is useful and not.

Homecoming Do’s and Dont’s


  1. Look your Best!- You never know who’s popping up on campus that week, don’t wait till Thursday to pop out because you might have already missed a photo opp with your fav celebrity and you don’t want to be caught slipping!
  2. Get your hair and nails done the week before- Stylists usually give homecoming deals and you don’t want to get your nails done too early in case they break or chip.
  3. -Buy your tickets in advance. Tickets always go up through the roof the week of the events. Whether its the club, step show, fashion show you name it.
  4. -Stock up on your HBCU gear. Sights like Etsy and Last Bison Standing have some nice original pieces that’ll have everyone asking you where you got  your fit from.
  5. Finish all your homework and assignments before Thursday- Professors usually understand that it’s homecoming week and go lighter on you but don’t expect to just blow off all your work that week. Before the festivities commence get those hard assignments out of the way or go to office hours. I guarantee you’ll be one of the few there and your professors will remember you for it.
  6. Save  Up!- You may have been turning up all year but make sure ,at least the couple of weeks before homecoming, you save up your coins because tickets are pretty steep going $40 and up.


  1. Go crazy buying club outfits because you’ll probably end up at a house party one night, or not get into the club sadly. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and be flexible, homecoming will always throw you curveballs.
  2. WEAR SKINNY HEELS TO YARDFEST- I hate to break it to you but it tends to rain over Howard’s homecoming week so do not be surprised if the ground is a little slippery. Don’t wear your best heels out there throw on some cute booties or wedges and own the yard.
  3. Get too lit to stand in line! There’s always a wait wherever you choose to go so make sure you time the pregame to not be too late, where you’re too lit and bouncers notice you and not be too early where your buzz is gone, because that’s no fun.
  4. Separate- Homecoming is a crazy time and you never know who’s coming around campus to enjoy the scenery, however it is an open campus and some people don’t come around with the best intentions, be vigilant and keep your friend’s close.