Somber Sunday Vibes

sade 2

Ever just wake up with that melancholy feeling that you can’t quite put your finger on? For some reason last night I felt this rush of emotion that I had been holding in and had a really good, long cry . If you find yourself in the same predicament here are some tearjerker songs that could help you get in touch with those feelings and work through them.

  1. Burn One-Brent Faiyaz
  2. Like a Tattoo- Sade
  3. King of Sorrow-Sade
  4. X-Factor- Lauren Hill
  5. Miseducation of Lauren Hill
  6. Out my Mind-Just in Time
  7. Emotional Rollercoaster-Vivian Green
  8. H.E.R- Avenue
  9. Maxwell- This Woman’s Work
  10. Sampha- Too Much
  11. The Roots- Hypnotic
  12. Red Hot Chili Peppers- Porcelain
  13. Corrine Bailey Rae- I’d do It All Again


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