So I went with no phone or debit card for 4 days and here’s what happened.

As a millennial I feel this deep need to have my iPhone with me at all times, it’s like an extension of me, an appendage if you will. And when I found myself without it I felt like losing a limb. I kept reaching out for it after every move and referring to it for any random piece of information I wanted and laughed at myself every time I remembered that it was inoperable. The few days before my phone decided it was over me my debit card had gotten lost as well. I remember buying food with it then going to buy something else several hours later and it wasn’t there! So this is what happened with my cell. I dropped my phone for the millionth time but it was already cracked so I couldn’t see anything wrong with it visually, then a day later I hit the home button only to see a rainbow colored collage as my phone screen smh.


I was surprised but not completely upset because I was going to be home in a couple days and didn’t have much to do besides pack for thanksgiving break and turn in one assignment, then I would be home and I could get it fixed. Let me tell you it was a LONG couple of days. Luckily I had an Ipad that I hadn’t been using but came in handy during that time, however I soon realized that I couldn’t really do anything with out a phone.

  1. First of all 2-Step Verification became the bane of my existence. When I tried to get into my ICloud account to sync my Ipad with my Email and Password, I still couldn’t get into it. They required me to use a code they sent to my cell phone and imagine my frustration when I couldn’t see but could here my phone buzz with messages every time I tried to get into the account.
  2. This meant no Imessage, Facetime, or calling. I ended up using Gmail or Snapchat whenever I needed to communicate. Thank God for Snapchat or else I would have been a total recluse.
  3. No Instagram, when I tried to retrieve my password, of course  I couldn’t remember it, It sent a link to my yahoo address because that’s what I used when I made it in the 9th grade. I got to my yahoo and AGAIN, 2-step Verification! No code, no IG, how will I see all the thanksgiving clap backs!
  4. No Uber!- With losing my debit card I ended up cancelling it and ordering another one but I didn’t fully think through all the implications that came with Ubering anywhere ugh. So I took the bus too and from school and that was it!
  5. No Ubereats- This is when I started to feel the struggle a bit, with no food in my house besides oatmeal, dining dollars( the meal plan I had for school had ran out), debit card which meant no ordering food from anywhere, I did what any struggling College student would do…..steal from the Caf LOL. Fortunately the cafeteria workers looked out and let me in so I took sandwiches home for dinner on the low. I think this was my rockbottom lmaooo.
  6. NO MUSIC- If you’ve been following my blog at all you know how much I love music, and sadly I only had a few songs saved on my ipad, so I was forced to listen to those same few anytime I was traveling out of wifi range.

All in all it was an odd change for me, but hey It was kind of nice to not be glued to my phone every time it buzzed with a text, groupme or social media message, which will basically have you on it all day.


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