friendsgivingYesterday I had my first friendsgiving and it was so fun! I got full like it was really thanksgiving day. I’m not the type that likes to cook for large groups of people on my own, so I never thought I would actually have a friendsgiving but I have a great friend who happens to be a foodie. Here are the components that made it a great Friendsgiving!

Food- This is probably the most important part of it. Our menu had Yams, mashed potatoes, Green Beans, Roast, vegan meatballs ( I don’t eat meat),Rolls, Apple pie and Ice Cream. It was delicious and I was stuffed!

Wine- Having a little drink while you’re waiting on food always helps the time pass. Our drink of choice was Sutter home, but I prefer a sparkling wine myself.

Games/Fun- After we ate we played video games like Mario Cart and Crash Bandacoot, I felt like a kid again. lol It was a refreshing change from just watching tv or talking and it allowed everyone to interact. You can also play taboo or a card game.

Friends- You can’t have a Friendsgiving without friends! Our group was six people but if you want to have a large group make sure everyone will mesh and get along. Happy Friendsgiving!


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