Halloween Costumes that exude major Girl Power!

Take a wild guess at who I’m being for  Halloween…hint: She’s on this list and by the time I finish introducing her the Trick or Treaters will have all been tucked in their beds. lol  Watch out for the Dragon Fire!


Daenerys Targaryen, She’s the mother of Dragons. Need I say more?
Storm, An electrifying vixen played by Halle Barry! Issa No Brainer.
Raven was always my favorite character from Teen Titans, her quiet demeaner was just a ruse for her intense power.
I know everyone has been her atleast once for Holloween. People will know who you are instantly from her signature turban look
numba 5
This throw back character , Numbah Five, will give you all the childhood nostalgia you crave. Kids Next Door was a Revolution!
If you got the “Poetic Justice” braids just throw on a hat and keep it moving.
Foxy! She will forever be the IT girl, soul sister, kickin’ ass and taking names.
Shego is a Vibe! Feirce and sultry although Kim Possible foiled her everytime, I blame Drakken, ugh boys ruin everything.
wild thorneberries
Hey girl hey! Debbie was the too cool for school teenager on the Wild Thornberrys. Her look shouldn’t be too hard to acheive, she’s pretty much in a kick-back fit. The 90’s will never die.

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