The Urgency of Now

Recently I’ve been feeling very bogged down with trivial issues, My usual don’t sweat the small stuff attitude has been hindered by the urgency of NOW. Everything needs to be figured out and when I think it’s figured out something goes left and throws a wrench in my plans. I lay awake last night with stress, anxiety and excitement all mounting in me and I felt myself being pulled in every direction left from center. I believe part of it is my connection to technology. If I am not near my phone I find myself reaching for it every time I stretch my fingertips reach toward it and I have to stop myself. Even when it is turned off the quiet doesn’t allow me to rest and my mind swells with the noise of what could be and what I’m missing. I am not able to quiet this noise and it’s pulling me away from myself and my true consciousness. Then I think about the bigger picture and more important things people are dealing with like losing parents and other struggles of everyday life. If I focus on that then things don’t seem so bad.  Meditation can help you quiet the noise and it’s something I want to try but it doesn’t come easy. My challenge is being too apathetic or passive. Ignoring issues doesn’t solve them but sometimes one has to listen to themselves and sift through what is useful and not.

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