Homecoming Do’s and Dont’s


  1. Look your Best!- You never know who’s popping up on campus that week, don’t wait till Thursday to pop out because you might have already missed a photo opp with your fav celebrity and you don’t want to be caught slipping!
  2. Get your hair and nails done the week before- Stylists usually give homecoming deals and you don’t want to get your nails done too early in case they break or chip.
  3. -Buy your tickets in advance. Tickets always go up through the roof the week of the events. Whether its the club, step show, fashion show you name it.
  4. -Stock up on your HBCU gear. Sights like Etsy and Last Bison Standing have some nice original pieces that’ll have everyone asking you where you got  your fit from.
  5. Finish all your homework and assignments before Thursday- Professors usually understand that it’s homecoming week and go lighter on you but don’t expect to just blow off all your work that week. Before the festivities commence get those hard assignments out of the way or go to office hours. I guarantee you’ll be one of the few there and your professors will remember you for it.
  6. Save  Up!- You may have been turning up all year but make sure ,at least the couple of weeks before homecoming, you save up your coins because tickets are pretty steep going $40 and up.


  1. Go crazy buying club outfits because you’ll probably end up at a house party one night, or not get into the club sadly. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and be flexible, homecoming will always throw you curveballs.
  2. WEAR SKINNY HEELS TO YARDFEST- I hate to break it to you but it tends to rain over Howard’s homecoming week so do not be surprised if the ground is a little slippery. Don’t wear your best heels out there throw on some cute booties or wedges and own the yard.
  3. Get too lit to stand in line! There’s always a wait wherever you choose to go so make sure you time the pregame to not be too late, where you’re too lit and bouncers notice you and not be too early where your buzz is gone, because that’s no fun.
  4. Separate- Homecoming is a crazy time and you never know who’s coming around campus to enjoy the scenery, however it is an open campus and some people don’t come around with the best intentions, be vigilant and keep your friend’s close.





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